2018 Worker Engagement Survey

It’s that time of year again! Are we feeling better or worse? 


I’d be grateful for your participation in my annual Museum Worker Engagement Survey. My goal is to see how we are feeling about our museum workplaces over time so we can continue to make museums one of the best places to work. But we need your voice to make that happen.


I’ve released this survey annually since 2016. Now that I have some data we can start analyzing. (For more in-depth analysis of my 2014 similar but not the same survey, click here.)



In an overall sense, museum workers workplace satisfaction seems to have decreased. However, on a daily basis it looks like things have perhaps gotten better:


We’re still looking for other jobs, but perhaps with less intensity:


Overall, our view of work/life balance at our jobs hasn’t quite improved:

Our pride in our museums’ work has also decreased. This would be an fascinating area for further exploration:



There’s been a lot of talk recently about the low pay in our field (see our article on museum workers leaving the field). It’s no surprise that many of us are getting increasingly frustrated with inadequate compensation:


There is more to analyze, but unfortunately my time is limited. If anyone wants to join forces and help me with this project, I’m open!


Feeling frustrated about your workplace? I have some tips for you. Remember, you are not alone! Many of us are aware of the problems and want to make work better. We can start today!



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