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Logojoy Coupons and Graphic Design Ratings

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Voice Your Opinion At Mcdvoice

Did you recently pay a visit to McDonald’s and have been dissatisfied with the quality of the food? Or did you order your food to be delivered to your doorstep and didn’t receive it on time? It often happens that the customers are left dissatisfied with the products and the services of the company but choose to stay mum about… Read more →

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More on Leaving the Field– my podcast interview with Museum Archipelago

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ian Elsner for an episode of his podcast, Museum Archipelago. While we talk about my recent work with my colleagues Sarah, Dawn, and Claudia about leaving the museum field, the views and ramblings are my own. Ian keeps his podcasts short. They are always 15 minutes or less (a feature his parents like).… Read more →

Article: Leaving the Museum Field

Sarah, Claudia, Dawn, and I wrote a short article summarizing our research on why museum workers leave the field. Thanks again to all of our colleagues across the world who contributed to the conversation.   We’ve all had the conversation. Maybe it was with your work buddy, or your former museum studies classmate as you caught up over drinks. Or… Read more →

The Question of Gender: The “Unseen” Problem in Museum Workplaces

Because for too long women–and more recently those openly identifying as women–have experienced both hostile and benevolent sexism in the museum workplace. Yes, this is a problem across the board in American workplaces, but for-profit organizations don’t define their mission as all embracing. Shouldn’t museums and heritage organizations do as good a job in terms of work equity as they… Read more →