Cumulative Stress — It’s a thing.

As I try to balance working full-time, serving as Board President for a small non-profit, advancing Joyful Museums, planning for a conference session, and maintaining relationships with friends and family, I think about work/life balance.

I recently brought in a consultant to talk with my fellow board members about time management (I had taken her workshop years ago and it literally changed my life). Pam spoke to us about work/life balance and outlined several “buckets” we had to fill each day to maintain sanity (my words). You could picture it like this.

Of course Pam is right and I agree with her in theory. But really, I thought, how will I find the time to exercise, eat well, meditate, and laugh with a close friend every single day?

I’m sure everyone reading this struggles with this issue, and there are plenty of tools out there to help us help ourselves. In the meantime, take 5 minutes to contemplate cumulative stress by reading this article. We “gained” an extra hour today — use it wisely.


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