How To Increase Memory Naturally

Every person wants his memory to be feverish, remembering his friends, well-wishers, acquaintances, people’s names, numbers, faces, their studies and everything they need. The person who remembers the memory is also able to achieve success. Whether it is a field of studies, a job, a business or any other, if your memory is fast, you will be different. If a person is diligent and friendly and his memory is also fast, then the probability of his success is greatly increased.
Simplicity only 5 to 8 percent of our brain remains active, the remaining part is in the dormant state, in which infinite knowledge remains hidden in infinite possibilities. increase your memory naturally In order to keep this part active, we will have to follow the rules very easy and if we can keep our dormant brain active, then we can reach very high heights.
Here we are telling a few easy home remedies so that all of you can definitely sharpen your mind. Students should definitely take these measures so that they can get the best marks in their studies.

Learn how to increase memory power-

The cinnamon used in spices as a spice is not only a spice but it is also a medicine. Taking a pinch of cinnamon powder with honey before sleeping at night, mental stress reduces and memory power increases, so be sure to use it.

Turmeric, which is readily available in the kitchen, is also used not only in the form of food but also in the form of medicine. Turmeric is not only a panacea but it also helps in enhancing the power of the brain.

Basil is a medicine that also has antibiotic herbs. The powerful antioxidant element in it improves the flow of blood in the brain and heart. It enhances brain power by reducing mental stress. Therefore, regularize the use of basil.


To increase memory, regularly eat walnuts. Adding 10-gram raisins in 20 grams of walnuts will benefit from consuming daily.

Brahmi is the best medicine to enhance the brain power. Mixing a spoonful of honey and half-Brahmi in hot water increases memory, so use it regularly to increase memory power.

Soak 9 almonds in the night and take out the peas in the morning and make a paste by finely grinding it. Now drink a mixture of almond paste in a glass of hot milk and drink 3 teaspoons of honey, it increases memory.

7.Conch floral:
A cognitive-enhancing drug that enhances brain power. By mixing half a teaspoon of conch sulphur in a cup of hot water, you can remember anything for a long time and your memory also increases. Regular intake of blood circulates in the brain so that the ability to remember increases.


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