Sept. 2 – From the survey

If something about your workplace culture was improved, how would this change the way that you work, both in the short and long term?

Short term it would help me with some of my own poor work habits as an employee.  For example, I will be the first to admit I struggle with time management at times (in fact filling out this survey is just a form of procrastination ha ha), but I feel like if the culture of this institution was altered to be very clear about how the projects that I am currently working on moved the institution closer to its over-arching vision and helped fulfill its mission I feel I might be more inclined to keep pushing forward, where as now, there is a shrug of the shoulders attitude associated with my work at times.  “Why bust my ass?  My work is only marginally valued.” …y’know?  Increased transparency about vision and better communication regarding goals would truly help my situation in my opinion.

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