Take your parents to work day? Done.

Today Fast Company asked, How would you feel about heading in to the office with mom or dad (or both) in tow?”

For those of us who work in museums, I think we can all agree we feel good about this. My parents have visited every museum I’ve worked in except one (and that’s only because the boat couldn’t dock in the harbor–so close!). My siblings have a pretty good track record, too. Same for my in-laws, nieces, and nephews, and countless friends (although I met half of them at my museum jobs). Isn’t it great to work for a place where people visit for fun?


Mom Dad Consitution museum
Mom & Dad (Freedom Trail, 2004)
With my future mother-in-law (Old State House, 2009)
With nieces and brother (George Peabody House, 2007)
With brother and sister-in-law (New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2003)
Largest gathering of my loved ones at a former museum employer/wedding site (Old South Meeting House, 2010)
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