Why are good museum workers leaving the field? –survey!

I’m working with museum colleagues Claudia Ocello, Dawn Salerno, and Sarah Erdman on this project. Please help!


As museum professionals we know that the success of the field depends on the individuals working in it. Ongoing conversations have looked at how to recruit and maintain a diverse and committed workforce and what museum professions need from the institutions they serve.


Along with looking at ways we can remove barriers to those who want to enter museum work, we also need to look at why good museum workers are leaving the field. We hope to learn what museums can do to encourage workers to stay. We also wonder how our museum skills translate to other fields.
As a first step, we have created a survey. We are hoping for responses from people who are still in the field as well as those who left the field. Please encourage others you know to participate!



We really appreciate your time and will keep you updated on the information we gather. We are hoping to share it both in person and online once we can process the responses. Thank you again and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.
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