You don’t have to chase every bird that you see — Life lessons from cats

Because why not?


If someone moves to make room for you, take up more room.

If someone is looking over there, there’s something to see.

If somebody sneezes, run.

If someone brings a bag into your home, look inside it.

If you don’t want someone to leave, sit on his suitcase .

Even though you can take care of yourself, it’s okay to let someone be nice to you.

If you stand in a kitchen long enough, someone will feed you.

Just because it’s gorgeous outside, doesn’t mean you have to go outside.

Just because you can fit into something tight, doesn’t mean you belong in it.

If you trust someone, open yourself like a cheap umbrella.

If you want to be left alone, park yourself in a closet.

If you’re not interested, don’t look interested.

You don’t have to chase every bird that you see.


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