Where are you on the burnout scale?

Dr. David Posen (2013:111) diagrams the burnout process in his book Is Work Killing You? Where do you fall on it, fellow museum worker? Our colleague Paul Thistle tackles burnout and attempts to answer “Is There a “Decent Work” Deficit in Museums?” over on his blog Solving Task Saturation for Museum Workers ~ Help for fully loaded camels working in a rain… Read more →

Why are good museum workers leaving the field? –survey!

I’m working with museum colleagues Claudia Ocello, Dawn Salerno, and Sarah Erdman on this project. Please help!   As museum professionals we know that the success of the field depends on the individuals working in it. Ongoing conversations have looked at how to recruit and maintain a diverse and committed workforce and what museum professions need from the institutions they serve.  … Read more →

Thank you #AAM2016!

I had a great time in DC. I attended a wedding, saw old friends, visited seven museums, saw the Nats lose, and attended the AAM conference. I’m exhausted!   I helped with a session, too. “What We Talk About When We (Don’t) Talk About Women in Museums” was eye-opening, sad, but ultimately hopeful. I’m grateful to all who participated in… Read more →

Survey results trickling in!

Thanks for taking my survey, friends. Especially you guys in Massachusetts and California! I’m concerned about our colleagues in West Virginia and Kentucky– I haven’t heard from them. Anyone know how to reach them? More soon. Until then, enjoy these quotes!   Is there anything else you would like to share about your workplace environment? The more I read into… Read more →