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Article: Leaving the Museum Field

Sarah, Claudia, Dawn, and I wrote a short article summarizing our research on why museum workers leave the field. Thanks again to all of our colleagues across the world who contributed to the conversation.   We’ve all had the conversation. Maybe it was with your work buddy, or your former museum studies classmate as you caught up over drinks. Or… Read more →

Why are museum workers leaving the field? — UPDATE

A few months back, some colleagues and I asked you for your thoughts about leaving the museum field. Over 1,000 of you responded! This update is a bit of a non-update (sorry!). We’re still processing the responses. In the meantime, here’s some of what we heard:   What advice would you give to the museum field to prevent more people… Read more →

Cumulative Stress — It’s a thing.

As I try to balance working full-time, serving as Board President for a small non-profit, advancing Joyful Museums, planning for a conference session, and maintaining relationships with friends and family, I think about work/life balance. I recently brought in a consultant to talk with my fellow board members about time management (I had taken her workshop years ago and it… Read more →

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