Aug 26 – From the survey

If you have a concern at work, who do you feel comfortable talking about it with? Why?

I have a great working relationship with a good many colleagues and many Board members. There is a group of us who share the same concerns regarding culture, and the lack of equal expectations and favoritism for a few folks/departments. Many Board members see it on some level too. While many recognize it, the president does not see it, so change is difficult to advocate for.

We all know the saying “content is king”, and while true that content is at the heart of everything, the content departments are openly treated as the A Team, and support departments not respected on the same level. Content folks also see it as optional to support other departments, while mandatory that we all support theirs whenever asked.


We also have a culture that is strongly supportive of parents, and while this is great and reasonable, those without children are not viewed as having the same level of family needs and are perceived as always being able to give more time, while the parents here consistently have an automatic out, even for all hands events or situations.

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