Employee Perks –Startups vs. museums

Employee perks– reality or beautiful idea? From the feedback I’ve received on my survey, it sounds as if most museums are lucky to even have an HR person on staff, let alone get flex time. Knowing this, it was hard for me to read this story about a Perks Convention over breakfast:


All the Amazing Employee Perks Boston Startups Provide, All in One Place

If your employer attends one HR fair, make sure it’s this.

If you want the ultimate employee perks, look no further than Boston’s startup community. From on-site optometry and healthy vending machines to alcohol delivery and in-office manicures, there’s a new network growing that can only be described as HR heaven.


They are touting “Restoration Rooms” and “cold brewed coffee” on demand! Can’t you just imagine your HR person wandering around these booths, picking up swag?


AAM– maybe we’ll see this in Atlanta next spring…?


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