I guess we hit a nerve.

We heard this week that our post about Leaving the Museum Field is the most-viewed article on the AAM Alliance blog since it launched a year ago. Yay?

Since our goal was to get people talking about this elephant in the room, I feel good. i just wish it wasn’t a conversation we even have to have at all. But it’s 2017 and some people think the earth is flat, so here we are. Let’s talk about it.

If you haven’t already, please leave your thoughts in the comments section on the blog.  Our next step is to assemble all of your ideas so we have a resource guide going forward.

One of the most popular ideas comes in the form of an AAM accreditation requirement. I’ve heard some mixed views on this. Some think that it’s a validation of this issue, or one of the only ways to get organizations to really take this issue seriously. Some think that accreditation overall has little meaning, or is a luxury only larger museums can afford to participate in. Curious to hear your thoughts.

I’ve had a number of people reach out to me directly, which I encourage you to do. I get it–I’ve been there. You can email me at marieke.vandamme[at]gmail.com if you want a sympathetic ear. I won’t judge you, except if you think the world is flat.




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