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Aug 27 – From the survey

A constant refrain in discussions with my coworkers is “It doesn’t have to be like this.” I work in fundraising, so our department’s success is fairly quantifiable. And yet despite surpassing funding goals, on a leaner shop than in years past, morale is poor. Internal communication from our manager is limited, and staff feel like we’re not given the information… Read more →

Field trip to Genuine Interactive

One of our colleagues answered the survey question “Are there any for-profit/corporate organizations that you think have great workplace cultures?” with a company called Genuine Interactive. Since they are based here in Boston, I had to check them out.  I visited their offices last Friday with Chris Pape, Executive Creative Director/Founder. Here’s a handout that greeted me at the welcome… Read more →

Does your boss want you to have more fun at work?

I recently asked my Facebook friends to tell me the name of their employer’s in-house group dedicated to making work more fun. Here’s what I heard from friends who work at for-profits: The last place I worked had the BEST workplace culture… It was usually the “Marketing Team” who organized the parties, outings, etc. But sometimes specific committees were created. “Make… Read more →

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